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Welcome to West Design. We are a large family-owned company, established in 1888. We are the manufacturer, importer, distributor and wholesaler of art, craft, toy and stationery products which we ship to trade outlets worldwide.

West Design Products


Faber-Castell is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality products for writing, drawing and creative design. In the core area of wood-cased pencils the group is the oldest and most important in the world. West Design is the sole UK distributor for Faber-Castell Art & Graphics, which includes pencils. charcoals, pastels, pens, markers, technical drawing tools and accessories.

West Design Products


Copic manufactures the highest quality markers in the world. Developed for (and widely adopted by) the Japanese Manga industry, Copic markers are now the top choice by everyone from professionals to enthusiasts. Designed for a lifetime of use, you only need to buy a Copic marker once. Copic markers are ideal for all styles of art, design, illustration and crafts.

West Design Products


Marabu offers an exceptional range of inspiring paints and beautiful design ideas. Easy-to-use products with guaranteed success. The Marabu range offers a whole range of mixed media solutions, including colours for textile, ceramics, glass and traditional materials.

West Design Products

Glue Dots

Glue Dots are a double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds instantly to virtually any surface. They are mess-free, non-toxic and require no dry time. Available in a variety of sizes and formulas, Glue Dots are the perfect household adhesive solution for everything from quick repairs and school projects to hanging posters without damaging walls.

West Design Products


Building on a record of industry leading products, Permaset has revolutionised the industry with the development of a range of water-based textile inks and ink for screen-printing that offers superior performance and eliminates the historical trade-off between printability performance on the screen and post-production performance of the finished product. They’re eco friendly too!

West Design Products

Creativity For Kids

Creativity For Kids provide the absolute best quality children's creative activity products. From sock puppets to jewellery and drag racing cars, there's something in the range for every young creative mind.

West Design Products

Fun Range

The Fun range from West Design offers economical stationery products for young creatives, including pens, pencils and markers, glitter, paints and accessories and much more!

West Design Products


Rossler have fresh and innovative ideas in the world of paper design that inspire a broad range of papercraft projects.

West Design Products

Glue Dots & Scandi card

Card making has never been so easy! With some basic materials you are able to add your personal touch this Christmas season.

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The Stationery Show

Thursday, April 14, 2016

We at  West Design are excited to be returning to The Stationery Show, to be able to share industry changing deals and brand new lines. This year we are proud to be introducing the new LEGO stationery range, where you can build your very own ruler out of official LEGO baseplates!



The London Stationery Show

This year’s Stationery Show runs from 26th to 27th April at the London Business Design Centre. You’ll always find something new at the stationery event of the year. If you buy or sell stationery or writing products, or are thinking of doing so, this is the exhibition for you!


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